Scotland’s Best Trattoria

This category aims to celebrate the more informal venues that cater for casual nights out; focusing on good food and great company.

Scotland’s Best Chef of the year

Finalists in this category will have to amaze you and our judges with a unique and first-class dish.

Scottish Barista Champion

Making coffee is an art in Italy and we are looking to find he is entitled to be called ‘master barista’ in Scotland. This category is nominations only and venues must enter their ‘barista’ person. All nominated baristas will be required to attend a practical challenge (details tbc).

Scotland’s Best Fish and Chips

The award for those venues that keep alive the authentic Scots-Italian recipe for fish & chips from past generations.

Scotland’s Best Pizza

Our judges are looking for a truly authentic pizza experience! A true taste of Italy!

Scotland’s Best Deli/Café

We’re looking for the best takeaway or sit in delicatessen; selling everything from the perfect panini and sweet treats to gorgeous deli cuts and original Italian produce.

Scotland’s Best Family Friendly Restaurant

This award aims to highlight (and thank!) the most family friendly eatery in Scotland.

Scotland’s Favourite Italian Business

This award is for any Scottish based business that is led with an Italian head & heart! This category is not limited to the hospitality industry and therefore welcomes all nominations.

Scotland’s Best Wine Selection

This category is for those Italian wine selections that perfectly compliment your dish, making it your meal unforgettable.

Scotland’s Best Newcomer

A chance for new and emerging Italian enterprises to win a valuable accolade to celebrate their early success in business!

Scotland’s Best Family Owned Business!

This award recognises restaurants who have their Italian family roots embedded in everything they do!

Scotland’s Best Restaurant Under 50 Seats

This award recognises restaurants who give their customers the best experience with 50 seats or less!

Scotland’s Best Restaurant Over 50 Seats 

This award recognises restaurants who give their customers the best experience with 50 seats or more!

Scotland’s Best Team 

For that team that really goes the extra mile and work together like no other.

Scotland’s Best Italian Supplier

Italian suppliers to Scotland are key to showcasing Italy at it’s finest! from ingredients to wine, jewellery and clothes!  All Italian Suppliers get ready to be recognised!

Italian Culture Champion

Who goes above and beyond to not only showcase the Italia culture, but also celebrates it in its very finest form? Who looks to continue traditions, create new memories and share the heart of Italy? We want to find Scotland’s Italian Culture Champion!

Scotland’s Best Italian Performer

An award for those who create the perfect Italian atmosphere through music, dance, acting…bringing a real taste of Italian culture to Scotland!