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Scotland has a vast array of different cultures that are all interwoven into modern Scotland and each is as vibrant as the next, but it has a huge Scottish-Italian population that has many contributions to Scottish society as we know it today.

There are heaps of Italian family owned businesses that play a vital part in the Scottish Hospitality Industry, so it is only right that we reward the very best Italian owned businesses in the country.

The Scottish Italian Awards is an annual event that exists to recognise the best Italian businesses from all over Scotland and there are lots of different categories to choose from; best restaurant, Best Pizza, Italian Chef of the Year and many more.

On the night, the best in each category will be announced and presented with their award, and we ensure that the absolute best companies through the eyes of the consumers by having the voting open to the general public.

Last year’s event, at the Hilton in Glasgow, saw 630 members of Italian businesses from all over the country gathering under one roof to await the announcement of the winner of their category, and this year we are upscaling.

This year we are improving on the success that was last year’s event and we aim to go will be bigger and better by changing venue to the Thistle Hotel which means that we can increase the guest numbers from 630 to 750!

Last years event sold out and again all tickets this year are available on a first come first served basis.

If you are Italian and would like to attend the event or work in the industry please contact Marley Maples on 0141 891 4721 or email her on

Also if you would like to sponsor this event, then please would you phone the same number (0141 891 4721) to discuss the details further we’re always willing to bring on more sponsorships.

Why not keep up to date, too, with the decisions, the judges, and the Scottish Italian Awards in general by ‘liking’ us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.


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